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God in the Hard Times
You will make them turn their backs when you aim at them with drawn bow. Psalm 21:12

Sometimes as we walk through life, the enemy may look like he is making progress. The overwhelming sense we may have when bad things happen can bring us to a feeling of hopelessness. The sadness we may experience may convince us the enemy is proceeding in victory. Losing sight of triumph can easily overcome us in times of hardship.

The Psalmist offers us the hope we may need for such a time as this. God is the one who will turn the back of the enemy for He is the one in control of the boundary lines of the enemy’s attack. When enough is enough, the bow is drawn, and the enemy runs for cover but in the process, we may lose sight of His plan of attack. We may have temporary moments of forgetfulness of the triumph at the cross.

No matter what we may be enduring we must continue to focus on who is in control. The more we try to control, the less success we may have at seeing who is in control. The more we try to win the battle with our weapons, the less success we may have. David did not proceed in battle without first knowing where God was in the battle. David experienced triumph surrounded by enemies because He did not lose sight of God. He realized the enemy was not powerful because He knew God as all-powerful.

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