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What Are You Looking At?

”Let my vindication come from you; may your eyes see what is right.”  Psalm 17:2

 What you are looking at has a profound effect on where you are going. When your hands are on the steering wheel, your eyes will determine where you will go, our hands and feet follow our eyes. It is no different in our moral behavior. If our eyes are fixed on immorality, we soon find our response following.

Even if our eyes are fixed on the problem, it’s hard to see the answer. When all we see is the mountain before us, it becomes impossible to see anything else. In our workplace, we can become so filled with the work right in front of us that we may not even see what God is up to around us.

It’s nice to take a break and look up. We are always invited to look up and receive a different perspective.  Seeing from a different perspective gives us insight to what God may be doing. However, if all we do is keep a tight grip on our life without having room for God, it becomes about us. Taking a look up will give us a bigger view of our life. It will reveal that it is more than temporary, for God has created and given us eternity.  Can we stop gazing at momentary pleasures and fix our eyes on what will last for eternity?


Today in the workplace:

What has your attention?