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Watch the Enemy Stumble

”My enemies turn back; they stumble and perish before you. For you have upheld my right and my cause, sitting enthroned as the righteous judge.” Psalm 9:3,4 

We have all needed God’s divine intervention in our lives. We have all asked God to take care of our needs. At times, those very needs are God’s righteous judgment being pronounced on our enemies. David experienced his enemies turning back in fear of engagement with David. He has witnessed them stumbling and falling. He was assured that God had his back and was convinced that the battle belonged to the Lord. He was not fearful of his enemies but went with them knowing that God was the righteous judge.  

We have all been in positions of needing God to take care of the enemies that may be pursuing us. When God takes over, there is no need for us to fear because we know His judgment comes and it is right. The enemy would enjoy us cowering and being led by fear, but we are aware of his tactics.  

We serve the God over all who sees all and knows all and can cause enemies to be turned back before they attack. That should be our prayer before we set out for the day. We should pray that God will turn the enemies back whatever and whoever they may be before they attack. Even if they try to make their way toward us, they will stumble and fall on their faces before they attack. These enemies take many different looks these days and come in many shapes and sizes. They may come in the face of pride, selfishness, envy, false accusers, etc. 

Today in the workplace: 

Is there an enemy chasing you that needs to stumble?