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 “My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not stumbled.” Psalm 17:5

Have you ever been on a hike along a nice clear path only to take a turn down a path that is filled with limbs and debris? A good road went bad, fallen tree branches, overgrown weeds, and now you find yourself stumbling. What once was a good hike becomes filled with stress. What once was a relaxing nature-filled day becomes more like army training camp.

There are days in life where it sails, yet also times where we find each day filled with strife. Often the discord begins because of a poor decision we have made, or others around us have influenced us somehow. The choices we make will determine the steps ahead. When we turn from the Lord in any decision, we can be assured stress and hardship will follow.  The choices of others can also have the same impact on us.

David found a way out of stumbling through life. His choice was to hold to the path God had put before him. David’s steps held tightly to what he knew as truth and what God was saying in his life. We can have the same advantages when we decide we will hold to what God is doing, instead of taking the wrong turn. We need to have His Word open, and consider His ways as our path for life. Many of the decisions we are facing have already been answered in the Word. The choice remains in our hands.


Today in the workplace:

Which path will you take?


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