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“Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” Psalm 8:9 

The word majestic is how David begins and ends this Psalm. What a testament to the beginning and end of all we do. When we begin with the perspective that God’s name rules overall and ends, with the same conclusion we have found victory.  

The trouble begins when we place ourselves or anything God has created above His majesty. When we desire to rule His Kingdom in our way instead of serving under His service. The temptation comes when the enticement for power begins. When we stop looking towards the majestic and start looking toward the seed of pride we trip on what is significant in life. 

We were created as royalty, and submission to the King is what David had learned. Learning submission begins in professing and living under the allegiance of the King. David knew God as Lord which means He surrendered His life to His majestic ways. He understood that the Lord could conquer all his giants, and David did not fear. He understood he was in the Kingdom of His Majesty.  

Today in the workplace:  

How would you describe His Majesty in your life?