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Sabra Dyas
Evenings 7pm – 10pm

Sabra has a passion for teaching and preaching the Word of God, both here at KCWN and through her organization Main Street Ministries.  You can contact her at:


Sabra also has a video blog called Break Time where she shares a daily word of hope and encouragement from God’s Word.

Some fun things to know about Sabra:

Best thing about living in Central Iowa?
Best thing about living in Central Iowa is the friends I have made over the last six years.

Favorite memory from early in your radio career?

Well I have only done radio for the last two months so I am quite novice. However so far I am learning I pronounce things wrong but it’s funny.

You walk into the studio every day and hope you get to….what?

I Think for me I want to give hope to others. I want to inspire others and so it gives back to me knowing I am serving.

Be a proud parent for a moment.  Tell us about your kids.

Cliff and I have four children.  Our oldest is a daughter and she is married and lives in Kentucky. She owns her salon and enjoys being a hair stylists and she is very good.   The second is a son who lives in Illinois with his wife and they have two children and they both are serving in ministry.  The third is a son who lives in Illinois with his wife and they have two children and one on the way and they are in ministry as well. Then we have our youngest one’ a daughter who is 15 and a real gift to the world just like her siblings!

How does your spouse complete you

He seems to finish my sentences anymore. He also knows what I need even before I ask and has an amazing way of meeting my needs.  

If you weren’t an on-air personality you would probably be doing what

Sitting by the beach writing another book.

You have a, very rare, opportunity to do nothing but what makes you happiest.  What do you do?

I love spending time with family and travelling. I love talking and meeting new people. My all time favorite is to talk about the Lord with others and marvel at the way He meets with them.

Which of these three do you do most?  Read a book, watch TV or listen to music?

Probably read a book. 

Who is a worse driver, you or your spouse?

By far my spouse he seems to be adding ten to the speed limit lately.

What’s the best part of church for you…worship, preaching or pot lucks

Hmmm I like the preaching and hearing a new truth.




Remaining in Wisdom
All his laws are before me; I have not turned away from his decrees. Psalm 18:22

His laws are not the same as governmental laws which when broken, have the consequences of incarceration. However, there are some similarities. When we turn away from the wisdom of what God has said there are consequences and they could even be eternal. God wrote his commands not as a killjoy for our flesh, but as a fulfillment of our life.

The flesh should not get to decide how we will respond to the world but often it shouts. Our tendency may be to take our cue from how the flesh is reacting, but David reminds us to keep God’s laws before us just not in a legalistic way. To keep God’s truths, we need to resist the urge to cooperate with the flesh when it conflicts with wisdom.

Godly wisdom is life producing and living in wisdom, which God provides, will keep our path from becoming filled with the sinful consequences. The way God provides us wisdom is through His word. Becoming a student of his word will bring insights into our daily living.

Today in the Workplace
Listen to the wisdom of God and not your flesh.
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