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img_0829Ryan Zondervan
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Ryan loves sharing his story with you – perhaps through something he’s learned as a dad of a preschooler and toddler, or from living with Chronic Pain. Ryan wants you to know there is always hope. You can send him a message at:


Some fun things to know about Ryan:

Favorite memory from early in your radio career?

Well, I’ve only worked in radio for a little over a year, but I think my favorite memory from my “early” days was just the excitement of seeing how everything worked “behind the curtain” so to speak, and the thrill of learning how to do it all myself.  

You walk into the studio every day and hope you get to…what?

I pray I get to connect with my audience in a way that is real and authentic, and hope the things I say and music we play speaks to people where they’re at.  I also hope my struggles with chronic pain can be an encouragement to others who are experiencing suffering.

Be a proud parent for a moment.  Tell us about your kids.

My daughter Caitlin was born in March of 2012 and is a real force of nature.  🙂  She is so smart it scares me at times – she’s curious, observant, quite empathetic and a good helper.  My son AJ was born in May of 2015 – he is my little cuddle bug and goofball – he is daddy’s little buddy and makes me laugh a lot.

How does your spouse complete you?

I tend to respond to things very emotionally at times, which can get me into lots of trouble.  My wife can take a step back and logically analyze things.  She’s also a great planner – I get ideas and she figures out how to best execute.

If you weren’t an on-air personality you would probably be doing what?

Well, taking my 5+ year struggle with chronic pain into consideration, I’d probably still be sitting at home not doing much of anything at all!  Working at the radio station has been such an amazing gift and blessing in that regard!

You have a very rare opportunity to do nothing but what makes you happiest.  What do you do?

Eat unlimited amounts of ice cream and never get fat?  No seriously – I love experiencing new places and cultures so I love the thought of traveling around the world with my wife and family.

Which of these three do you do most?  Read a book, watch TV or listen to music?

These days I definitely listen to a lot of music – whether here at the radio station, driving in the car, or via the Amazon Prime Music app on my iPhone when I’m out walking or at the gym.

Who is a worse driver, you or your spouse?

Probably me – I can be pretty absent-minded at times.

What’s the best part of church for you…worship, preaching or pot lucks?

I am definitely a pot luck kind of guy – I love bringing dishes to potlucks, and I just love the fellowship that takes place when people share a meal together.


If we know the weapons that the enemy uses we can stand defensively. Tonight starting at 7:00 pm Nightlight will discuss how to become victorious! Talk to you then

He’s Got Your Back
"Declare them guilty, O God! Let their intrigues be their downfall. Banish them for their many sins, for they have rebelled against youH." Psalm 5:10

David now cries out to God for Him to punish the guilty, and his desire is for them to be banished. Haven’t we all been there, wanting God to say to the guilty… "Guilty"! We all know people who have hurt us in some way and desire for God’s judgment to be on them.
When we allow God to be the judge, we can be set free from the pressures of trying to get even. We no longer carry around the burden of allowing their ways to control ours. We may suffer the consequences of their sin, but it does not own us. It no longer controls how we respond, because we know that God has us in His hands.
Imagine being freed from allowing the consequences of the sin of others to control our thoughts and actions. Remember, there is nothing that the Lord does not see or know and take comfort that we are being taken care of by His ways. His ways are higher, and in times of persecution, there is something greater going on other than the current situation. Persecution is temporary, but the pain of the process will grow us into the leaders God has called us to be. Hold on tightly to knowing the truth instead of getting caught up in the enemy’s ploy of destruction for our lives. God is with us, and He has the greater plan.

Today in the Workplace:
Is there anyone you need to forgive?
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