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Married with children and grandkids gives me plenty of material to do a morning radio show every day from 6 to 9. Believing in Jesus as my Savior gives me the Hope I need to manage life and a radio station. Thank you for letting me share life with you every day for over 13 years! 

I’d love to hear from you:  bev@kcwnfm.org

Here are some interesting tidbits about Bev:

Best thing about living in Central Iowa
While I love the changing of the seasons, mostly winter TO spring, and the values of Midwest people, my favorite reason to live right here is my family all lives here too.

Favorite memory from early in your radio career?
I applied to work at KCWN when Lisa Williams was the manager.  She asked me to do a voice check and put me in the production studio. I just sat there, waiting for the ‘engineer’ to start to audition.  My only radio experience was a brief stint on WHO with my cousin Bonnie where the engineer did everything for me, including turning on the mic!  Lisa popped in and asked what I was waiting for.  When I told her the engineer she fell on the floor laughing.  Within a year, I was working at KCWN and believe me, there is no engineer to do anything for you!

You walk into the studio every day and hope you get to….what?
Connect with our listeners.  Through a story, an observation, a song.  Some days we laugh (especially on Bev and Steve Fridays!), sometimes we cry, we often pray. 

Be a proud parent for a moment.  Tell us about your kids.
Three kids who are really no longer ‘kids’.  Randy and his wife Jodi live north of Peoria, they own Centerpoint Electric. They are busy parents of Colby, 15, Tysen, 10, and Jessa, 7.  Stacey is married to Scott De Boef, they live in Leighton.  Scott sells farm equipment, Stacey wrangles 3 boys, Noah, 14,  Henry, 8, and Wyatt, 5.  Val is our youngest and she and her daughter Georgia, 7, live with us. Now you know why I’ll always have material for a radio show!

How does your spouse complete you?
I guess if being complete means one person would shop, one would not, one would hunt, the other not, then we are the perfect pair!  We have different interests and he actually has hobbies, but we both love God, love our family and have loved each other for over 40 years.  I guess that makes us complete.

If you weren’t an on-air personality you would probably be doing what?
My careers endeavors before radio included working at Strawtown making the onion rings and cheesecake, a real estate agent, owned my own consignment shop, in-home day care, first head cook at Pella Christian High, and a few other things here and there..but if I was NOT doing radio, I would be a teacher..for a day, in the summer.

You have a very rare opportunity to do nothing but what makes you happiest.  What do you do?
I’d be on vacation, in Florida, watching my family play on the beach while the pool boy brings me something cool to drink. 

Which of these three do you do most?  Read a book, watch TV or listen to music?
I listen to a LOT of music..every new song you hear at KCWN and a few you never will.

Who is a worse driver, you or your spouse?
If by bad driving you mean cutting corners and being unable to back up, then I guess it would be me.

What’s the best part of church for you…worship, preaching or pot lucks?
Can’t pick, I love them all!  If you come to our potluck, you’ll enjoy my signature dish: Mississippi Sweet Potatoes! 


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