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Mornings 6 AM–10AM         Bev De Vries

Married with children and grandkids gives me plenty of material to do a morning radio show every day from 6 to 9.  Believing in Jesus as my Savior gives me the Hope I need to manage life and a radio station.  Thank you for letting me share life with you every day for over 13 years!  I’d love to hear from you:  bev@kcwnfm.org

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Midday 10AM–3PM                Patricia Payne

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You can contact Patricia: Patricia@kcwnfm.org



  Life with Lisa Williams and Ryan Z
3 to 6 

It’s time for some real talk, Life with Lisa Williams will challenge and encourage you and probably bring a chuckle or two,  while Ryan makes sure you have all the latest local news and weather information.  It’s a great partnership for your afternoons on 99.9.

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Ryan Zondervan
Evenings 6 to 9

Ryan loves sharing his story with you, perhaps through something he’s learned as a dad of a preschooler and toddler, or from living with Chronic Pain, Ryan wants you to know there is always hope.


Our weekend on air staff:
Terry Fopma, Mitch Fopma, Mike Jaarsma, Linda Roose, and Alexia Alsum.
Traffic :  Nicole Fopma