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No Worries God is Reigning

”The LORD reigns forever; he has established his throne for judgment.” Psalm 9:7

Forever is a word that requires our imagination. It is difficult to understand that the Lord reigns forever, but our hope is in an everlasting Lord whose very throne is judgment. He is the judge who knows all and sees all. He can see the motive behind our actions. His judgment is not hurried, for His perspective is the timeline of forever.

It would expand our imagination to realize each day is in the perspective of forever. If we could only be awakened to understand that for eternity our God is going to reign. It may seem other powers are rising, but our God is reigning. Our hope is not in the powers around us that rise and fall but in the power that will reign forever. When we keep our eyes fixed on His throne, we can have relief from becoming anxious because of the powers around us.  

Submission to His reign will keep us from seeking our power.  There is no greater place for us to bow. God has all the power we need, and when we submit to His authority life no longer becomes about the power around us. We no longer need to be intimidated or fear the powers that rise, because they will not reign forever.  

Today in the workplace:  

Where is your hope today?