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Local News 7.10.2018

The fireworks are over, but nature put on a show Sunday night with a fireball visible over a very large part of the Midwest.  The American Meteor Society said it has received more than 240 reports from nine states about the event. The reports allowed the society to estimate the track of the meteor from north of Des Moines running southeast just across the river into Illinois.   Multiple claimed to have seen the meteor break into pieces, which would indicate flight deeper into the atmosphere. The event qualified as a fireball, which the AMS defines on its website as a “very bright meteor, generally brighter than magnitude -4,” or about the same as when Venus appears as the morning or evening star.

With D Street in Oskaloosa under construction since mid-May, Public Works Director Akhilesh Pal said the large project is slated for a finish by the end of the calendar year with some landscaping next spring.  D Street construction is a $2.9 million project slated to take 135 working days that includes  underground utilities: electric, sewer, and water mains.  Pal said the goal is to complete the paving operation by the end of this calendar year. Extreme heat and early rain have affected the timeline of the project a bit, but workers are trying their best to finish as close to on schedule as possible.


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The Greatest Attitude
15 My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue me. Psalm 31:15
David now proclaims to God that his life is in His hands. This kind of attitude will keep us walking steady without responding negatively to all the evil in the world. This perspective will also keep our heart bent towards God no matter what the cost. David remembers God is in control of not only his life but the very cosmos he is living in.

Many of us struggle through life because of our attitude towards our troubling situations as we grant the circumstances of life permission to guide our attitude. For most, if all threats are gone in life our attitude can remain positive and fortunate. However, the minute we experience an unfortunate occurrence, our attitude can plummet. We have to make daily choices of how we will remain by saying “my times are in your hands.”

It is a matter of choice of how we will or will not be provoked by our troubles. David’s attitude rose above his life-threatening circumstance to realize God is in control. I wonder if he knew deep in his heart, that if the current situation took his life, the battle would be over. God will carry us through all battles of life but only if we allow His involvement. If we choose to dwell on the negative, is there any room for God’s participation in our life? What would happen if we agreed with David and said, “My times are in your hands.”

Today in the Workplace
How is your attitude towards the troubles of life? Surrender control today and find the joy of the Lord.
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