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Local News 6.14.2017

The Marion County Board of Supervisors has officially voted to restrict the use of fireworks in the area – the board met Tuesday, voting 2-1 to approve the 1st reading of the ordinance and waiving the 2nd and 3rd readings at the same time.  When can fireworks in Marion County be used?  According to the new ordinance, first and second-class consumer fireworks may be discharged within unincorporated areas of the county on July 4th between the hours of 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. You need to be at least 18 years old to discharge fireworks on the 4th of July, and you also need to be sober – no alcohol or drugs are allowed. Fireworks usage is also prohibited within 200 yards of any school, hospital, nursing home, veterinary clinic or animal shelter, and are prohibited within 200 yards of any utility such as waterworks, gasworks or sanitary sewage system.

The Wappello County Board of Supervisors has given their approval to a plan to help our veterans find a job.  On Monday, the Board agreed to back the “Home Base” initiative, a statewide program that among other things allows military veterans to use their time of service towards college credits.  According to paperwork supplied by Supervisor Jerry Parker, the board has now authorized the director of Veterans Assistance to take whatever action is necessary to get the program off the ground and get our veterans back to work.

The South Central Regional Airport is back in the news – the FAA has issued its final environmental assessment, saying that the proposed airport would have no significant impact on the environment in the area.  The proposed airport would not be open to commercial air travelers, and would be utilized by regional corporate airplanes and jets as well as other pilots such as crop dusters. The plan includes constructing three runways, a terminal building and hangar space for as many as 52 aircraft. Once completed and open, the existing airports in Pella and Oskaloosa would be closed permanently.  Next up – developing a land acquisition plan and funding plan for the nearly $25 million project.