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Local News 4.16.2018

Former Iowa State Cyclone basketball star Marcus Fizer was back in Iowa on Sunday.  He spoke at a youth event in Pella called “Never Alone”, focusing on topics like depression, mental health, and suicide.  Fizer said even though these issues are difficult to talk about, it’s important to let the younger generation know they’re not alone, adding that young kids are very impressionable and peer pressure is tough.  Grace Fellowship youth leader Colby De Vries acknowledged how hard it can be for young people to open up about issues like depression and suicide, and hopes the event was a gateway for his peers to open up.

Newton may not be large enough to have its own television news station, but that isn’t stopping students at Berg Middle School. Students in technology teacher Chas Beeler’s classroom have been producing their own news segments for the past two years, covering everything from school events to profiles on the student of the month.   Students can sign up for the class, which runs in one-week sections and was made possible by a grant from the Newton Community Education Foundation. Beeler said he’s been offering the class to give students a chance to be creative, while also learning the technical skills behind producing a news broadcast.


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Keeping it Clean
in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes. Psalm 26:10
David mentioned he washed his hands of all impurities, unlike the wicked whose hands are full of wicked schemes. But he also knew that his hands could easily lay prey, and he desired to keep his hands full of the love of God instead of participating in the wickedness around him.

How quickly we can become involved in the slightest offense when we take our cues from the world. There are many practices which may seem right in the world but don’t hold up in the Word of God. There are many ways which may even bring prosperity to our families, but our hands may have to become dirty. How quickly temptation may face us to tell a white lie or cheat to gain a bit of status, but once again we soon find our hands dirty.

It is a slippery slope, and it often starts with the small things, the ones easily justified. The question becomes, are we going to take the Word of God as our authority for the decisions we make or are we going to allow the influence of the world to guide our way? Seeking God’s Word as the authority may not always make us wealthy or the easy way, but it sure will bring abundance in the heart.

Today in the Workplace
Are there ways which may seem right in your life but don’t line up with the Word of God?
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