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Local News 3.7.2017

A number of seventh graders from Pella Christian High School accepted the challenge of one of their teachers to make a difference in the world and are working to help children in Haiti.  Science teacher Courtney Van Wyk said the goal for the student’s project was to think of a way to help the community or people outside of the community.Cara Veenstra, Karlie Anderson, Elaina Vos and Betsy McClellan decided to make soakers for reusable cloth diapers for children in Haiti; Soakers are the inserts that go inside the reusable diaper.  The reusable diapers won’t just save Haitian women money – it will also allow Haitian women to earn money from the project as they assemble a part of the diaper when it arrives in Haiti.  Students at PCGS donated 217 towels for the project, which made 3,414 soakers for the diapers.  About half of the soakers were finished in January and were sent with Karlie Anderson’s parents.;The rest of the soakers were finished last week and will be sent with Many Hands for Haiti.


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You who fear the LORD, praise him! All you descendants of Jacob, honor him! Revere him, all you descendants of Israel! Psalm 22:23

There are many things in this world we can admire. There are many famous people we may stargaze over because of all the abilities they have been given. We may soon be finding ourselves praising them and honoring them to the place they get all of our attention. We see them behind the TV screen which grasps a lot of our daily attention. We would instead praise the celebrity or athlete behind the screen than the One who is truly worthy.

This isn’t to make us feel guilty, but it is written to change us. David called out and said for those who fear the Lord, Praise Him. If we admire God, then praise should be a daily heartfelt response. Maybe our hearts have been overtaken by false idols, and there isn’t enough room for fearing God. Could it be, we have allowed to much space to worship idols instead of the One True God?

David called out to the descendants with an an exclamation point behind his statements. He knew there would be other idols trying to compete with the fear of the Lord. We too are descendants of Jacob and like our ancestors, it’s time to honor, revere and praise His name. It could be time to get rid of what’s taking the place of our daily praise! Making praise a regular exercise will conquer the invasion of the idol.

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Is praise a daily part of your life? Who are you praising?
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