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Local News 1.11.2018

Marion County has joined 35 Iowa counties in legal action against pharmaceutical companies over the marketing of prescription opioid painkillers. Aggressive and fraudulent marketing has led to a drug epidemic in Iowa and throughout the nation, according to the suit announced Friday in Des Moines.  According to the lawsuits, prescription opioid overdose deaths in Iowa have quadrupled in the past 20 years, making it only one of four states with such a dramatic increase. Polk County made up 25 percent of those deaths.  The majority of opioid-related deaths in Iowa involve prescription opioids. At least 646 Iowans died due to prescription use between 2009 and 2014, the firm said. In Iowa, opioid-related emergency room visits have tripled over the last decade. In 2006 there were only 519 such incidents; there were 1,555 in 2014.  Beyond its human cost, the crisis has financially strained the services that counties provide to residents and employees. It affects human services, social services, hospitals, courts, law enforcement and medical examiners.


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How to Walk without Burdens
The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god. Psalm 24:4

The One who continues to ascend the mountain of God realizes it’s the hands of His purity which make marks along the way. These hands which have been kept clean by busy serving with obedience for the owner. The hands have not been idle serving their selfish needs and desires but have found others along the way to help and to see the Lord. These hands have found a reason to exist outside of selfish gain and have been there to help others up the mountain. These hands have been anointed with the Spirit of the Lord, and the purpose is to help others see the Light and walk in it.

When the hands are kept busy serving others, there is no time left to pick up the idols of this world. When tempted to lay hold of an appealing treasure of this world the heart testifies to its defilement for there is no purpose when climbing the mountain of the Lord for worthless idols. The weight of the obsession will hold us back from the goals of our hands and heart. When we must carry around worldly idols they can make it too complicated to continue climbing. But again, the owner of the mountain gives us the strength to let go of the worthlessness of any false idol which tries to detain our journey.

We make life way too problematic when we try and hold onto vanity but letting go of the things which are making our climb difficult will make for an abundant and adventurous journey. Keeping our hands clean by reaching out to the world around us with compassion will keep our heart pure and our eyes on the Lord of the mountain. There will never again be another dreary day because it is filled with hands that are busy serving and a heart that is pounding with adventure.

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