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Living It Out

“Though people tried to bribe me, I have kept myself from the ways of the violent through what your lips have commanded.” Psalm 17:4

We may all have people in our lives that try to lead us astray. They try to get our attention through the flesh, just like David had individuals who tried to bribe him. There is no specific detail on the bribe, but we are told he was tried.  However, he found a way to keep himself innocent on all accounts. David’s way out was the Word of God.

When temptation comes our way where do we turn? We could easily fall when the lure is presented through a close contact. In the workplace, the attraction could be robust enough to pull us into conforming.  Falling into the temptation could be easily viewed to our advantage. It could lead to advancements in the workplace if we will only take the bait. However, we soon find that what we thought would give us a substantial career only leaves us less than what we were created to be.

When we stand on the Words of God as our guide, they will contradict many workplace practices. The question becomes, “Will we remain or fall into the trap of temporary success?” This problem begins in the heart and answers the query of what we value most. David could have succumbed to the temptation of bribes to avoid hardship. Have we in any way taken the bait of an enticement, because it promised an easier way than what God was offering? Are we waiting on Him to provide or taking matters into our own hands?


Today in the workplace:

How’s your heart?