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Here are some useful links to topics that may interest and or help you deal with the everyday Christian life in our modern world.

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Remaining in Wisdom
All his laws are before me; I have not turned away from his decrees. Psalm 18:22

His laws are not the same as governmental laws which when broken, have the consequences of incarceration. However, there are some similarities. When we turn away from the wisdom of what God has said there are consequences and they could even be eternal. God wrote his commands not as a killjoy for our flesh, but as a fulfillment of our life.

The flesh should not get to decide how we will respond to the world but often it shouts. Our tendency may be to take our cue from how the flesh is reacting, but David reminds us to keep God’s laws before us just not in a legalistic way. To keep God’s truths, we need to resist the urge to cooperate with the flesh when it conflicts with wisdom.

Godly wisdom is life producing and living in wisdom, which God provides, will keep our path from becoming filled with the sinful consequences. The way God provides us wisdom is through His word. Becoming a student of his word will bring insights into our daily living.

Today in the Workplace
Listen to the wisdom of God and not your flesh.
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