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Let’s Brag a Little

“I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1 

Sometimes it is difficult to give thanks. During the difficult times thanks seems trying, and throughout the prosperous times thanks seems forgotten. Who wants to give thanks when the very things we are praying for are not being received?  Thankfulness is a continuous choice and attitude. David said he will give thanks to the Lord which indicates it was a clear choice he was making. Reaching this decision was in his heart, and when thankfulness is in the core of the heart, we can’t help but tell others.  The temptation is to walk through the world with an entitlement that God will do as we say instead of listening to what He has said and to be thankful.  

A key indicator of the health of our grateful heart is our expression of thanks. We can be thankful, but are we communicating by our words and actions? David gave thanks and bragged on God to others. When we have the pleasure of being blessed by God, the response should be expressions of thankfulness. Appreciation and gratitude can come in many forms; prayer which is conversations with God and praise with a song chosen to be voiced exclusively to Him.  

We can also reveal our heart of thanks by the words we speak to others. Our words can relay to the crowd around us of the wonderful deeds God has done. The question for us is what are the words we are telling others about the magnificent wonder of God? What has He done lately that we can tell others?  

Today in the Workplace 

How are you living out thankfulness?