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I Will Be Glad

“I will be glad and rejoice in you;I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High.” Psalm 9:2 

Gladness is David’s perspective, and it was not based on what was happening around Him but based on knowing that God is with Him. He was going to sing and long for God even in times of adversity.  What is it about singing, praising and rejoicing? Praising turns our heart in a greater direction other than what is right before us. Singing fills the heart with a greater sense of God’s presence among us.  

Now for most, we cannot go about singing in our workplace. But we certainly can have a song that is forever in our head and our heart. A song that the tune rises when everything else is falling. A song that reminds us there is a greater reason for life than the material. In the center of lifting up our longings to God through song, we can experience the Most High God.  

Praise lifts God up but what inevitably ends up happening is our soul is lifted. Our heart can see a renewed vision of life which brings gladness. Singing is more than the tune it imagines each word we sing is entering God’s holy presence and He is being lifted up. Praising is not about us but turns our eyes towards heaven which reveals His Kingdom living in our heart.  

Today in the workplace:  

Try it. Sing a song of praise for God is listening.