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God Is Not Biased

“He rules the world in righteousness and judges the peoples with equity.” Psalm 9:8 

God rules the world, and yet does it without prejudices. When He sees His determination is done without seeing gender or nationality. He sees his child. No father would want their child to be guilty, but understands judgment as a form of love and grace. His ruling is always right.  

The difficult thing for most is understanding His ruling. He rules according to His word, not rules or laws that are made by man but His Words. In the end, the Word that will still be standing will be His. Our role is to follow His Word. When we step out of His word and into our own we will stand with His ruling on us. However, He is a gracious God and often speaks to us and gives us time to come back to His Word.  

We cannot live in our ways and words and expect there not to be consequences. The ruling of God will come, but when we’re following His righteousness we no longer must live in fear. His righteousness has been given to us, and when we are listening we will know the way. At times the difficult part is walking in His righteous ways.  God is a fair judge.  

Today in the Workplace:  

Are there ways in which we are sensing God is leading us to follow?