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Prairie Schooner Tours – Neal Smith NWLR

Seed Collection Day, on October 14, during National Refuge Week, is a special day for the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge to collect the fruits and seeds of dozens of plants.  It is also a day to reflect upon what has been accomplished and what projects remain to be started.  In light of this, the Friends of NSNWR have obtained bus services, the Prairie Schooners, for narrated tours through the Refuge.  It will be a time for sharing experiences on the prairie, observing the changes, and developing thoughts about what can happen in the future.  There may be one or more stops, depending upon the weather, for short walks. 

The hour long tours will depart from the Prairie Learning Center at the Refuge at approximately 12:30 p.m. and again at 2:00 p.m.  Bring cameras and binoculars. Space is limited for each tour.  Pre-registration is required by noon on Friday, October 13. To reserve your space on board, please call the Refuge at 515/994-3400 or email Doreen_vanryswyk@fws.gov.

9981 Pacific St., Prairie City, IA 50228