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Bible League Spring Salad Luncheon

The Spring Salad Luncheon for the BIBLE LEAGUE will be held on Monday, March 26, 12:00 noon, at Covenant Reformed Church located at 2805 Fifield Road in Pella.  The Central Iowa Division of Bible League Volunteers seeks to help raise funds so that Bibles will be placed in the hands of those who need it so desperately.  It takes only $5.00 to send a Bible to someone in Latin America.

Because the volunteers are currently focusing on Bringing God’s Word to Latin America, Don Vos and Frank Reitsma will enlighten us about Nicaragua through their “Farmer to Farmer” experiences over many years.  The “Farmer to Farmer” program envisions partnerships based on the love of Christ for fellow human beings and on faith and trust in God’s plan for each of us.  Their desire is to foster spiritual growth, promote education, and continue to build relationships with the goal to alleviate poverty with the farm communities.

As this year marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of Bible League international, Harold Trujillo and his wife, Fatima, will also be in attendance.  Harold will bring spiritual encouragement, and share how Bible League is serving the Church in Latin America and making impact in lives for Christ

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend, including men who would also be truly blessed.

2805 Fifield Rd, Pella, IA 50219


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What to do with a Troubled Heart
Relieve the troubles of my heart and free me from my anguish. Psalm 25:17

There is no greater answer for our troubles than to have a conversation with our Lord. Not a one-sided conversation but truly enter a time of listening. Often, we want to share our anguish but how regularly do we want to hear feedback. This prayer takes more than sharing our troubles for it takes waiting in His presence and receiving instruction.

We all have a trusted friend we share the troubles of our heart with but what if we looked towards God as a trusted friend and confidant. He is ready to hear from us and will help us as our friend with the problems we carry.

I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15:15

He calls us his friends and His desire is to sit with us in our troubles and anguish. His friendship is motivated by love for us for His very essence is love for us. When He approaches our problems, he hears them through love, so I’m not sure why we wait to carry all our difficulties to our friend.

Today in the Workplace
What trouble do you have that you can take to your friend?
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