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A vehicle crashed into the side of a house at 1111 Franklin Street in Pella yesterday afternoon.  Authorities on scene say no people were inside the house at the time of the crash, but a dog inside was uninjured. The driver of the silver Mazda hatchback has been identified as Kyle Martin, 18, of Pella, he was alert and suffered only minor injuries in the accident. Both the west side of the house and the sedan received significant damage.  The Pella Police Department is handling the investigation; the cause of the incident is unknown at this time.

An innocent request at a Pella church in 1995 changed everything for Deb and Mike Schuring. The preacher’s daughter asked if they would consider being foster parents; 22 years later the couple is now holding their 100th foster child.  The couple began doing newborn-only foster care after two children of their own were born. The decision was sparked from initial heartbreak of having two children born on May 9th in 1982 and May 9th in 1983 die within days of their birth because of lung issues.  The family keeps pictures of all the children they’ve held in their arms–a photo album with memories of all 100 kids.  For the Schurings, giving back has given them so much more.

Local News 5.8.2018

Mahaska County Board of Supervisors member Mark Doland has announced his resignation following allegations he does not currently meet eligibility requirements.  At the Mahaska County Board of Supervisors meeting on May 2, Doland was confronted during a time for public comment with allegations that he was no longer eligible to remain on the board due to a change of address. Doland said he was staying with a friend in town.  Doland said Wednesday he did not lie on court documents, nor, at that time, would he resign. Monday morning, Doland released an email announcing his resignation from the board, and that more information would be released at a future time.

Pella resident Martha Slings has attended 82 of the 83 Tulip Time festivals. She sits in the same spot every year so her family and friends can find her: in front of the police station on the corner of Main and Liberty Streets.  This year, Slings attended the festival with her son. She turned 100 years old on March 7.  She used to wear a Dutch costume, but hasn’t for a couple of years. Her costume has been passed down to her granddaughter who wore it this year. The only Tulip Time festival Slings missed was shortly after WWII due to a death in the family that sent her out of state.

Local News 5.7.2018

gov. Kim Reynolds visited Pella Saturday to scrub the streets during the Grandstand Show and participate in the parade.  In addition to wearing her traditional Dutch costume, Reynolds was also wearing wooden shoes that were gifted by the 2018 Tulip Queen and court.  Her shoes were painted by Sheila De Haan, according to the Pella Historical Museum and Tulip Time Facebook page.

Last week U.S. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa paid a visit to Clow Valve Company in Oskaloosa as part of her 99 Counties tour; It was her first visit to Clow.  Sen. Ernst met with General Manager Mark Willett and his team to discuss a variety of issues affecting Clow including work force development, trade, Buy American, and environmental regulations. After a tour Mark presented Sen. Ernst with a miniature commemorative Clow hydrant to display in her Capitol Hill office.

Staff of Mahaska Conservation, Friends of Mahaska Conservation, Pheasants Forever and other volunteers gathered at the Russell Wildlife Area last week to help bring the prairie back to life by burning it – controlled burns reactivate prairie land by returning nutrients to the soil and getting rid of unwanted weeds.

Local News 5.4.2018

Multiple tornado warnings were issued in Marion County minutes after events for Tulip Time in Pella were cancelled due to inclement weather Thursday evening.  Four different warnings impacting northern Marion County took place between 7:25 and 8:30pm.  Tornado touchdowns were spotted near Swan, Prairie City, Lake Red Rock, and Hartford, according to trained weather spotters and the National Weather Service. Heavy rainfall fell throughout some of the warned areas as well.

The Knoxville Hospital’s ER has a new life-saving tool at its disposal – the LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System.  The LUCAS device provides mechanical chest compressions at a rate and depth consistent with current American Heart Association guidelines for CPR. KHC Emergency Department Coordinator Kristina Morgan says this device not only provides a consistent way to perform CPR, but also lessens the burden on the staff , as CPR is a physically demanding task that often distracts nurses and EMS staff from performing other life-saving actions. The device was provided at no cost thanks to a grant funded by the Helmsley Family Trust.

Local News 5.3.2018

Recharged Robotics placed within the top 2 percent of their division at the FIRST Tech Challenge world championship on April 25-28. This is the second year that Recharged Robotics has made it to the world championship.  Held in Detroit, Michigan, Recharged was also one of the six finalists nominated for the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award at the competition.  Two divisions, each with 64 teams, participated at the event, with Recharged placing 14th out of 64 in their division, close to their 11th place finish last year.  Recharged Green and Recharged Orange are comprised of students in the PEACE Homeschool Group in the Pella area. There are 22 total students who participated in Recharged Robotics this year.

In an attempt to help combat the opioid overdose epidemic sweeping the nation, Deputies with the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office will now be carrying Narcan, a drug designed to block the effects of opioid use.  Persons experiencing an opioid overdose suffer from a depressed respiratory system, which often times causes them to stop breathing. Narcan is designed to reverse this effect. Deputies will be carrying a nasal mist form of this drug.  The purchase of this medication was made possible by a $900 grant which the Sheriff’s Office received from the Sieda Community Action Behavior Health and Treatment Center, located in Ottumwa.


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