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 Beek’s Barber Shop
733 Main Street
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Norm Rozendaal Tiling & Septic
2064 Republic Avenue W.
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Pro-Line Building Company
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Pella Pro-Life
1125 Kent Ave
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2421 Hwy 92
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705 Main
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Van Rheenen
1707 Washington Hwy 163 W
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West End Auto

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PO Box 200
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13 hours ago

KCWN 99.9 FM

Making A Declaration
I will declare your name to my people; in the assembly I will praise you. Psalm 22:22

We make so many declarations that we may not even realize the number we make on a day to day basis. We may be guilty of pronouncing our name over our day. We may begin our day in a rush, may check our phone a couple of times, look at emails, Facebook, LinkedIn or the numerous other ways of being noticed. We may not even have a thought of what God has in mind for the day. We proclaimed this day as ours, and we will do our daily routine trying to find success in all we encounter.

But what if we started the day, proclaiming this is the Lord’s day? What if we set aside our phones for at least fifteen minutes and started seeking his approval over the day instead of social media endorsements. What if we shouted His name over the day instead of trying to make our name heard? This could mean we have to lay aside agendas and seek a faith assignment.

His name is worthy of declaration in our day to day living. The sooner we realize this, the more success will pour out. We can have a life where the real things matter instead of trying to build up something which will not make it into eternity. We don’t have to buy into the temporal success plan. Proclaim God over your day and find the adventure you have been looking for.

Today in the Workplace
Who/What are you proclaiming in your daily living?
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